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E-learning - many opportunities

Do you need an e-learning system for internal education? Or for selling courses with online payment? The right kind of e-learning system provides plenty of opportunities to combine the specific elements that you need.


When can you use e-learning?

E-learning provides the end user with the possibility to decide when to commit to the course. All of your users have 24-hour access to all materials and can access relevant material when required. At the same time, you can efficiently organise any relevant data and teach without limitations.

An e-learning system from TC Systems handles:

  • User administration (incl. online payment)
  • Courses and content administration
  • Statistics for courses, students etc.
  • Diploma
  • And many other features

Whether you want to teach internally in the company or externally, you can benefit from using online courses. This provides you with the opportunity to decide, which modules are available and when. You can check that all your users complete all the modules - and how they do.


E-learning as required

At TC Systems, you get exactly the type of e-learning system you need. Complicated or easily accessible. Together, we decide how to structure the system and subsequently, TC Systems builds a responsive e-learning system that matches the content.

TC Systems helps you choose the right development tools, allowing you to develop course material that fits the system. Read more about the so-called SCORM content tools, which is vital to any good e-learning solution.

If necessary, you can get TC Systems to develop instruction videos. They can guide your users in getting started, visualise complicated elements or be used to motivate your users throughout the course. Depending on your needs of course.



E-learning Demo

See an example of an e-learning system developed by TC Systems, visit www.msd360medicinehandling.com. You find the Demo login on the front page of the e-learning solution.


Client showcase MSD 360 University

See an video example of an e-learning system developed by TC Systems, click on the arrow to start the video:


Joomla LMS Partner

TC Systems is Joomla LMS partner, read more about Joomla LMS here.

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