E-learning content tools (SCORM)


Do you want to build your own e-learning systems? Do you lack the proper tools? At TC Systems, you can get help choosing the right tools to develop course materials for your e-learning systems.


Build dynamic course materials

You do not need previous knowledge of programming. Or be an expert in a specific e-learning system. Today, you can use Microsoft Office, videos, sound, flash animations and other applications to build a cohesive course module, suited to your exact needs. You can see examples of e-learning systems here.


When you choose TC Systems, we help you during the development and teach you how to use the tools at hand to your best advantage. Afterwards, you are ready to make your own course modules. This provides the opportunity to constantly develop and extend your existing e-learning systems and update your materials, at your own pace 


International e-learning standard

When you utilise e-learning development tools, it makes sense to choose those that are SCORM compatible. This may get slightly more technical, but fear not. SCORM is really just a way of saying that the materials follow a certain international standard. In other words, you can use them in any e-learning systems that support this particular standard.


The advantage of choosing development tools that is SCORM compatible is that you can share your course materials with others. You can also switch to other e-learning systems without having to change all your course modules. In short, it is easy for you and your e-learning users.


Want to know more about e-learning content tools? 

Contact TC Systems and we will assist you in getting started on developing course modules for your e-learning system.

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